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Wolfram|Alpha contains data about thousands of buildings and other notable structures and facilities around the world. Find the tallest skyscrapers, longest bridges and wildest amusement park rides; explore castles, ruins, museums and other sites of historical significance; or delve into detailed statistics about power generation from notable dams or nuclear power plants.


Find first-class info about airports.

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US Mines

Strike it rich with information on mines.

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Oil Rigs

Drill down into the details of oil rigs.

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Historic Sites

Explore the places that mark the past.

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Use data on bridges to make valuable connections.

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Dig into data on tunnels.

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Find information about cemeteries.

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Take a stroll through Wolfram|Alpha’s park data.

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Nuclear Power

Generate knowledge about nuclear power plants and facilities.

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Oil Fields

Explore data about oil fields.

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Calculate the distance between oil fields:

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Check out expertly curated facts about museums.

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Take a tour of computable data about notable castles.

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Reserve Lands

Embark on an expedition through data on reserve lands.

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  • Rail Transport

    Stay on track with data on rail transport.

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    Amusement Parks & Rides

    Wolfram|Alpha is your ticket to learn about amusement parks and rides.

    Find information about an amusement park:

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    Compare properties of amusement park rides:

    Find amusement park rides with specified characteristics:


    Establish a solid foundation in architecture through building data.

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    Open the floodgates of knowledge on dams.

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    Military Facilities

    Fortify your knowledge of military facilities.

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