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With information on topics as diverse as pop music, art history, professional sports, nutrition and finance, Wolfram|Alpha helps you compute answers to countless questions and solve problems in the classroom, the workplace or at home. Brush up on your history and geography with custom-generated charts and maps; dive into statistical comparisons of your favorite professional sports teams and players; get accurate, timely data and deep historical context about key economic and market trends; or use simple natural language inputs to explore nutritional data, pop culture, personal finance and more.


Learn about hundreds of thousands of notable people from ancient times to the present day.

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Get information about a current political leader:

Words & Linguistics

Find and compare definitions and other properties of words or explore languages of the world.

Find definitions and other properties of a word:

Compare multiple languages:

Food & Nutrition

Generate custom nutrition labels for a meal or explore detailed statistics on global agriculture.

Specify a food by brand name:

Analyze nutritional information for combinations of food:

Political Geography

Delve into detailed physical and socioeconomic data about countries, regions, cities, postal codes and more.

Request a class of information about a country:

Compare several counties:

Economic Data

Analyze current and historical data on diverse sectors of the economy, from energy to transportation.

Compare economic data for the US:

Get economic information about the world:


Look up, compare and compute with data about professional sports teams and players, sports objects, and Olympic games.

Get information about an NFL team:

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Arts & Media

Explore and compare facts about movies, music, art, comics and other media.

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Money & Finance

Keep tabs on global stock exchanges, convert currencies or calculate a tip.

Find and analyze current data about a stock:

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Demographics & Social Statistics

Access detailed statistics on race, age, marital status, religion and more.

Look up particular facts about an area:

Rank countries:

Art & Design

Choose from a powerful set of computational tools related to colors, image processing, photography and more.

Compare colors:

Apply a filter to an image:

Games & Puzzles

Access data about Pokémon and other video games or compute solutions to different types of word puzzles.

Analyze a bet in roulette:

Find anagrams of a word or phrase:


Look up historical people, places and events, including inventions and military conflicts.

Get information about a historical event:

Compute the current value of a historical quantity of US money:

Dates & Times

Convert between time zones or calendar systems or explore historical events and holidays.

Add and subtract dates and times:

Get facts about a date:

Institutions & Organizations

Retrieve historical and operational data about companies, schools, libraries or universities.

Get information about a college or university:

Do computations with company data:

Points of Interest

Compute answers to questions about the history, construction and function of buildings, bridges, parks, historic sites and other notable structures.

Locate an airport and get information about it:

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Explore global education statistics or details about notable educational institutions.

Get education statistics for a country:

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