Money & Finance

Utilize the computational power of Wolfram|Alpha to track monetary trends, check up-to-date stock quotes and even access historical market data. Or, employ Wolfram|Alpha’s sophisticated financial tools and calculators to help you manage your personal finances.

Stock Data

Access past and current stock prices.

Find and analyze current data about a stock:

Compare several stocks:

Do computations with stock data:


Present Value

Determine interest rates, dividends and other details for simple and complex loans.

Compute a future value:

Compute a present value:

Use input fields to specify data for an interest calculation:


Calculate values of fixed-income securities.

Use input fields to specify data for bond valuation:

Get data about US government bonds:

Income Tax

Investigate income tax data by bracket, status and more.

Get US income tax data for a specified AGI:

Get data on deductions:

Historical US Money

Delve into the history of the US dollar.

Compute the current value of a historical quantity of US money:

Compute the historical equivalent value of today's US money:

Convert one historical quantity of US money to another:

Mortgages & Loans

Budget for your new purchase with detailed loan calculators.

Do a mortgage computation:

Use input fields to enter values for a mortgage calculation:

Compute an adjustable-rate mortgage:


Analyze the values of currencies from all around the world.

Get currency conversions:

Do a mixed-currency computation:

Look up physical properties of money:


Derivatives Valuation

Explore options in derivatives contracts.

Use input fields to specify data for option valuation:

Analyze option strategies (butterfly, straddle, collar, etc.):

Sales Tax

View breakdowns of state and local sales tax rates.

Get local sales tax information:

Compare sales tax rates:



Corporate Finance Web App


  • Companies
  • Economic Data
  • Tips & Gratuities

    Figure out the right amount to tip.

    Compute a tip:

    Split a bill among several people:

    Salaries & Wages

    Examine salary information by rate or profession.

    Compute salary equivalents:

    Get salary data for a given profession:


    Advertising Revenue

    Compute revenue from online advertising.

    Calculate online advertising revenue: