With comprehensive data about people, places and events throughout history, Wolfram|Alpha can compute answers to countless complex questions about the past. Generate custom timelines of historical periods and notable events, convert numbers between ancient number systems, compute the changing value of money over time or explore and compare facts about inventions, people, military conflicts and more.

Historical Numbers

Convert numbers between various historical numeral systems.

Convert Roman numerals to standard number notation:

Convert a decimal number to Mayan numerals:

Historical US Money

Convert between current and historical values of US money.

Compute the current value of a historical quantity of US money:

Compute the historical equivalent value of today's US money:

Historical Countries

Find and compare historical countries, kingdoms and other territories.

Get information about a historical country or kingdom:

Compare multiple historical countries:


Search and compare data about notable inventions and their creators.

Compare inventions:

Look up an invention property:

Historical Periods

Look up or compare major historical periods.

Find the date range associated with a historical period:

Compare historical periods:


Explore and visualize named family relationships.

Compute a family relationship:

Military Conflicts

Explore dates, commanders, troops and casualties.

Find information about a military conflict:

Get information about a property of military conflicts:



  • Dates & Times
  • People
  • Historical Events

    Look up historical events and generate custom timelines.

    Get information about a historical event:

    Construct a timeline of events:

    World Leaders

    Find current or historical political leaders by country and position.

    Get information about a current political leader:

    Get information about a past political leader: