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Pro for Students

The ultimate tool for homework and research

Whether you’re in high school or college, Wolfram|Alpha Pro is the tool you need to stay ahead of the curve.

You can practice for exams, get help with homework… and do research that’ll impress your teachers. Famous for math and physics, Wolfram|Alpha Pro is also a whiz at chem, bio, engineering, econ, astro, stats, and much more. Pro also lets you upload your own data, as well as create stunning customized visuals.

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Learn with Step-by-Step Solutions

Get an instant automated tutor for your homework and more

Full step-by-step solution, or hints to try it yourself

Instant answers from Wolfram|Alpha

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“I can input any equation and get the step-by-step solutions with three-dimensional graphs. It is better than any solutions manual, hands down.”


Engineering Student, Florida

Sharpen your skills with Wolfram Problem Generator

An infinite supply of practice problems… instantly graded, with printable worksheets too

Practice problems for grades K-12 covering arithmetic through calculus

Hints & step-by-step solutions

Printable worksheets

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“Wolfram|Alpha and Wolfram Problem Generator are two of the most valuable mathematics resources that I use. The unlimited practice problems allowed me to gain experience and confidence in math.”


Student, New Zealand

Get answers faster with course-optimized Web Apps

Instant form-based interfaces for math, science, and many more courses

An app for every course, and more

Easy input gets you straight to answers

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Unlock more features in the Wolfram|Alpha iOS app

Unlimited step-by-step solutions, image upload and more...

Real-time 3D manipulation

Step-by-step solutions on mobile

Upload & analyze images

And more…

  • Extended Keyboard for Math & More

  • Input Your Own Data for Analysis

  • Extended Computation Time

  • Upload & Analyze Images

  • Custom Publication-Quality Graphics

  • Pro Premium Expert Support

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“Step-by-step solutions proved to be a time saver, GPA saver, and all-around lifesaver. I do not know how anyone can obtain a degree in physics without Wolfram|Alpha!”


Physics Student, Connecticut

“Wolfram|Alpha is quick and easy for me to do what I need to. I can measure time or weather between locations with ease, find the calories in everything from a slice of white bread to a Big Mac, and even do complex math operations.”


Student/Game Developer, United Kingdom

“One of my personal favorite things about Wolfram|Alpha Pro is the step-by-step solutions to problems. I have no doubt that I will continue using Wolfram|Alpha for a long time to come.”


Active Military and Physics Student, Japan

“I use Wolfram|Alpha on my laptop and on my smartphone. I like the simple, intuitive layout of the output, and the speed at which it can retrieve information relating to narrow branches of my field.”


Physics Student, United Kingdom

“I find Wolfram|Alpha so useful when working with students, especially with tricky calculus questions. If I type in a function, it tells me everything I want to know, and things I didn’t know I wanted to know. It’s so quick and convenient—all I need is an internet connection.”


Math and Physics Tutor, United Kingdom

“Wolfram|Alpha really helped me get my MS in statistics. Step-by-step solutions not only helped me find the right answer, but also taught me the logical sequence necessary to work the problems. A terrific tool!”


Graduate Student in Applied Statistics, Washington, DC

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