Mortgages & Loans

With Wolfram|Alpha’s accurate, detailed loan calculators, you don’t need an accounting degree to budget for your new home or car. Easily adjust payment amounts, interest rates, loan types and more. Wolfram|Alpha automatically generates payment schedules and graphs to help you manage and understand your personal finances.


Compute total costs and payoff times for common mortgage types.

Construct your ideal home loan:

Explore adjustable or fixed rate mortgages:

Include a balloon payment or interest-only period:

Credit Cards

Calculate the time required to pay down credit card debt.

Understand the advantages and limits of credit cards:

Determine how long it will take to pay off a credit card:

Explore the effects of increasing or decreasing a payoff period:

Auto Loans

Explore the impact of different down payments and interest rates on car loans.

Budget for your dream car:

Adjust the interest rate:

Interest Rates

Perform common interest rate calculations.

Compute the present and future value based on interest:

Check out how interest can help grow wealth: