Personal Finance

Whether you're managing a stock portfolio, planning a move or paying off credit card debt, Wolfram|Alpha can compute useful answers to thousands of personal finance questions. Compute interest rates, analyze and project returns on stocks and other investments, convert world currencies and more.

Mortgages & Loans

Compare and compute interest and the time to pay off various types of loans and mortgages.

Do a mortgage computation:

Compute the time to pay off a credit card balance:

Currency Conversion

Convert between any two currencies and track historical trends.

Get currency conversions:

Look up physical properties of money:

Stock Data

Analyze and compare stocks on exchanges around the world.

Compare several stocks:

Do computations with company and stock data:

Cost of Living

Explore and compare the cost of living and typical prices of consumer goods in different cities.

Compare cost of living indices for cities:

Get typical prices of consumer goods in different cities:



Personal Finance Web App


  • Income Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Gasoline Prices

    Chart historical trends in gas prices across regions in the US.

    Get average historical gasoline price data:

    Compute cost for a specified quantity: