Science & Technology

Wolfram|Alpha has extensive knowledge related to science and technology. Using the computational power behind Wolfram|Alpha, solve problems involving physics, chemistry, engineering, computational sciences and many other domains.


Perform computations using formulas from physics, the branch of science studying properties of matter and energy.

Compute mechanical work:

Compute photon energy given wavelength:

Units & Measures

Convert between units, examine information on different measurement devices or explore standard sizes for a variety of objects.

Get unit conversions for a quantity:

Discover what different devices measure:

Earth Sciences

Explore information about systems in Earth sciences, the branch of science studying the physical constitution of the Earth.

Get information about one of the Earth's geological layers:

Compute the saturation vapor pressure:

Technological World

Get details about our technological world, including information about satellites, photography, nuclear power and carbon footprints.

Get data about a broadcast station:

Encode text as a barcode:

Weather & Meteorology

Get data related to weather and meteorology, the branch of science studying atmospheric phenomena.

Get a current local weather report:

Calculate the wind chill:

Food Science

Investigate data relating to food science, the branch of science studying data on foods and food production.

Analyze nutritional information for a food:

Determine how long it takes to cook a turkey:


Perform computations using formulas from chemistry, the branch of science studying the nature and interactions of substances.

Get information about a chemical element:

Balance a chemical equation:


Perform computations using formulas from engineering, the branch of science studying the technology of designing structures or systems via scientific methods.

Compute magnetic flux density for an object:

Compute the maximum force of a spring:


Examine information about a variety of transportation systems, which are used to move both people and things across town or around the world.

Get information about an automobile model:

Do computations on airline data:

Life Sciences

Get information about life sciences, the branch of science studying living organisms.

Get information about a human anatomical structure:

Compare multiple species:

Physical Geography

Examine information about physical geography, the branch of science studying the natural features of the Earth.

Generate maps of a specified country:

Compare a property of continents:



  • Mathematics
  • Computational Sciences

    Compute properties of abstract machines in computational sciences, the branch of science studying computers and their use.

    Compute properties of an elementary cellular automaton:

    Compute properties of a Turing machine:


    Explore properties of a range of materials from minerals to manmade alloys and plastics.

    Get information about an alloy:

    Convert a specific material hardness to various other systems:

    Space & Astronomy

    Investigate a range of topics involving space and astronomy, from celestial objects and astronomical events to manned space missions and space probes.

    Generate a star chart:

    Do computations with star properties:

    Health & Medicine

    Get information related to health and medicine, including information about exercises, human anatomy, prescriptions and hospitals.

    Compute various body statistics based on height, weight, etc.:

    Compare yoga poses: