Space Transport

Space transportation involves the transportation of passengers, materials and equipment from Earth to space as well as travel through space. Use Wolfram|Alpha to explore space transportation topics from the rockets used to get into space to the equipment made for space transportation and the science obtained from it.

Crewed Space Missions

Learn about crewed space mission callsigns and mission designations.

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Space Probes

Discover the target or targets for a particular space probe, or find the probe or probes around a given body.

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Compare space probes:

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Search for artificial satellites by name, which are often acronyms, or by their NORAD number or international designator, also known as the COSPAR ID or NSSDC ID.

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Find out where a specific satellite is right now:

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Explore the variety of rockets that have been developed by different countries for a variety of purposes.

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  • Warp Factor

    Get detailed information on any Star Trek warp factor, or convert between warp speed and regular speeds.

    Compare warp factors to the speed of light:

    Investigate differences in warp factor in different series: