Genomics is the branch of molecular biology that deals with the sequencing as well as functional and comparative analysis of a genome, the genetic material that comprises chromosomes, in any organism. From a zebrafish and E. coli to a mouse and a human, Wolfram|Alpha has bioinformatics tools to characterize and analyze genes and DNA sequences.

Human Genome

Explore human genome information, including DNA sequences and characteristics of chromosomes, genes, associated SNPs and translated proteins.

Translate a DNA base sequence and find occurrences in the human genome:

Find the DNA sequence at a given position on a chromosome:

Analyze a human gene and locate it on a chromosome:

Get information about a SNP:

Fruit Fly Genome

Find information about a fruit fly gene or explore the associated DNA sequences.

Analyze a fruit fly gene:

Get a reference sequence for a fruit fly gene:

Mouse Genome

Find information about a mouse gene or explore the associated DNA sequences.

Analyze a mouse gene:

Locate a DNA sequence relative to a gene:


Comparative Genomics

Compare known genomic information across organisms or find homologs of a particular gene.

Get genome information about an organism:

Compare genomic data across organisms:

Compare genes across organisms: