Neuroscience is the interdisciplinary field of study integrating topics from cognitive and behavioral sciences as well as molecular and cellular biology. Wolfram|Alpha delivers information on the structure and function of the brain, neuronal connectivity and characteristics, and brain activity specific to a particular cognitive process.


Explore the characteristics of neurons, which represent the key aspects of the processing ability of neuronal circuitry.

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Anatomical Functions

Query for cognitive functional concepts, such as memory, perception and decision making.

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Brain Anatomy

Study the neuroanatomically divided areas of the brain, which describe the functional organization of the human nervous system.

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Cognitive Tasks

Assess specific cognitive tasks to measure cognitive ability as well as brain activity in various cognitive states.

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  • Human Anatomy
  • Nerve Pathways

    Find stimulus, response, pathway component structures and direction of nerve tracts that conduct sensory or motor information in the human nervous system.

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