Sound & Acoustics

Acoustics is the study of mechanical waves in gases, liquids and solids, extending to all forms of sound. Wolfram|Alpha includes many computations and equations for determining how sound is affected by motion, humidity and distance as well as the listener's perceived experience.

Doppler Shift

Calculate how Doppler shift changes the frequency of sound waves.

Compute a Doppler shift:

Sound Absorption

Explore acoustic sound barriers and absorption properties of water and air.

Find the absorption coefficient of seawater:

Determine the effect of distance on sound pressure levels in moist air:

Hearing-Loss Exposure Time

Calculate how soon hearing is lost due to exposure to noise.

Compute exposure time to avoid hearing loss:

Subjective Acoustics

Compute the subjective loudness and perceptual acoustical scale values of a sound.

Compute perceived loudness:

Compute source loudness:

Convert frequencies to different perceptual acoustical scales:

Helmholtz Resonator Frequency

Determine the resonant frequencies of Helmholtz resonators based on their physical dimensions.

Determine resonant frequency of a cavity:

Audio Waveforms

Play and visualize sound waves constructed from different waveforms.

Generate sound with a specified waveform:

Specify a waveform as a mathematical function:



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  • Threshold Hearing Distance in Moist Air

    Calculate the hearing threshold for a sound based on ambient conditions.

    Find the maximum distance for hearing a sound: