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Quantum Chemistry

Quantum chemistry is the application of quantum mechanics to chemical problems. With Wolfram|Alpha, one can investigate the connection between observed chemical properties and the underlying quantum mechanical nature of atoms and molecules. Explore properties such as electronic configurations, orbital diagrams, term symbols and emission spectra.

Electronic Structure

Determine where the electrons live in atoms.

Assemble the electronic configuration:

Write the abbreviated electronic configuration:

Count the number of valence electrons:

Find the ground-state term symbol:

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Particle Counts

Count the number of quantum mechanical particles in atoms and molecules.

Compute the total number of electrons:

Find the total number of protons:

Count the number of atoms in molecules:

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Chemical Properties

Investigate properties that depend upon the electronic structure.

Assemble the ground-state orbital diagram:

Look up the atomic radius:

Examine elemental emission spectra:

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