Thermodynamics studies heat and temperature and how they interact with the energy flow of systems. Use Wolfram|Alpha to explore the consequences of the laws of thermodynamics. Compute properties of ideal gases, examine the evolution of systems under thermodynamic processes and calculate thermodynamic properties of chemical substances. Calculate the specific entropy and enthalpy of substances. Examine the efficiencies of different thermodynamic cycles.

Gas Laws

Compute properties of gases using the combined gas law, the ideal gas law, Charles's law and many more equations.

Do an ideal gas law computation:

Determine characteristics of an ideal gas:

Find characteristics of a van der Waals gas:

Thermodynamic Cycles

Analyze the thermal efficiency, time evolution and state changes of idealized work cycles.

Analyze an Atkinson cycle:

Analyze a Diesel cycle:

Analyze a Rankine cycle:

Thermodynamic Processes

Compute properties of many thermodynamic processes, including isotropic, isobaric and adiabatic processes.

Analyze an adiabatic process:

Analyze an isobaric process:

Analyze an isothermal process:

Chemical Thermodynamics

Compute chemical properties for many chemicals and compounds.

Find properties of a substance in a given phase:

Compute properties at a specified temperature:



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  • Statistical Physics
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  • Material Thermodynamics

    Compute thermodynamic properties for many refrigerants and alloys.

    Compute properties at a specified temperature:

    Get information on the variation of different properties for different alloys: