Aeronautics is the study of flying machines, including their design and manufacture. These machines can be heavier than air, such as airplanes or jets, or lighter than air, such as hot air balloons. Use Wolfram|Alpha to explore details about aeronautics, such as air flow around an airfoil, the angle of attack, true airspeed, the range of an aircraft at different altitudes and much more.


Compute details about an airfoil, such as angle of attack or airflow.

Compute airflow around a standard airfoil:

Specify angle of attack:


Calculate information about ranges related to aeronautics, such as straight-line distance.

Calculate straight-line distance to an airplane:

Adjust one of the parameters interactively:


Calculate information related to airspeed, such as Mach number or true airspeed.

Compute indicated airspeed from true airspeed:

Compute true airspeed from impact pressure:

Compute true airspeed given Mach number:


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