Everyday Physics

Wolfram|Alpha can help you learn more about the fundamental concepts and applications of physics in everyday life. Do calculations using equations that represent the motion of objects, the flow of electricity in a circuit, the interaction of light with matter, the relationship between heat and other forms of energy and more.

Motion & Simple Machines

Do computations using classical laws of motion and gravity.

Compute the motion of a round object on an inclined plane:

Do a gravitation calculation:

Compute centripetal acceleration:

Compute mechanical advantages of simple machines:

Calculate the shaking frequency of a wet animal:


Investigate the propagation of light in nature, photography and other applications.

Calculate the height of a rainbow:

Compute subject magnification:

Electric Circuits

Analyze the flow of electricity in a circuit.

Calculate the power used across an electrical component:

Compute resistance from resistor color code:

Compute characteristics of an AC signal:

Famous Physics Problems

Learn more about famous laws of physics.

Find information about a famous physics law:


  • Dynamics
  • Electric Circuits
  • Optics
  • Physical Constants
  • Physical Principles
  • Physics
  • Sound & Acoustics
  • Sound

    Investigate the propagation of sound through air and other media.

    Compute perceived loudness:

    Determine the effect of distance on sound pressure levels in moist air:

    Find the maximum distance for hearing a sound: