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Computational Wolfram Notebooks give you dynamic versions of Wolfram|Alpha output with interactive controls, 3D rotation, animation and much more. Explore the examples below to learn what Wolfram|Alpha can do.
3D and Contour plot examples in Wolfram Language
  • Interactive controls and sliders for a differential equation plotarrow pointing left
    Interactively manipulate parametersMove controls and sliders to fully interact with and understand your results.w”(x)+w’(x)+w(x) = 0
  • Animate dynamic processesInput physical system parameters and see the associated animation evolve in time.double pendulum
    arrow pointing rightExample of a pendulum animation
  • Dopamine 3d structure that can be rotatedarrow pointing left
    Rotate 3D graphicsClick and drag 3D images to rotate and view from any angle.dopamine
  • Control enhanced visualizationsClick to reveal special controls for many types of visualizations.sin(z)
    arrow pointing rightAdditional control examples for visuals
  • Edge detect examplearrow pointing left
    Instantly build interactive interfacesUse Wolfram|Alpha linguistics to create custom interactive interfaces.edge detect abraham lincoln image with radius x
  • Resize imagesClick maps, plots or any image, and drag the corner to expand the image size.earthquakes Asia
    arrow pointing rightResize maps, plots or images to expand
  • Interactive plots with dynamic coordinate labelsarrow pointing left
    Read plot valuesInteract with plots with dynamic coordinate labels and crosshairs on the axes.population Spain