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Inspire authentic learning with access to the world's data

Connect concepts to reality with Wolfram|Alpha Pro for Educators by using real-world data to spark creativity and foster engagement. Millions of students and educators use Wolfram|Alpha every day to learn, explore, and test their skills.

Teachers around the world rely on Wolfram|Alpha Pro to create homework, check answers, generate visuals, and make lesson planning faster and easier.

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Practice makes perfect with Wolfram Problem Generator

Provide your students an infinite supply of practice problems with instant feedback and printable worksheets

Browse by subject or Common Core standard

Printable worksheets with seperate answer key

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Create stunning materials for your classes

Easily generate personalized content for any topic with the ultimate reference tool

Maximize impact with customized graphics

Download results for easy offline use

“I find Wolfram|Alpha valuable for its ability to aggregate and visualize data from a wide range of sources.”


Computing at Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Spark curiosity by presenting real-world problems with real-world data

Instantly generate fresh examples to engage your students with up-to-the-minute data

Current and historical information on demand

Natural language easily connects students to data

“Wolfram|Alpha puts the world’s information at my fingertips and empowers me to learn.”


Student, New York

Give every student the power of self-assessment

Encourage learning with more than just an answer; students who self-assess their work become top students

Instant answers provide instant feedback

Full step-by-step solution, or hints to try it yourself

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Unlock more features in the Wolfram|Alpha iOS app

Unlimited step-by-step solutions, image upload and more...

Real-time 3D manipulation

Step-by-step solutions on mobile

Upload & analyze images

And more…

  • Extended Keyboard for Math & More

  • Input Your Own Data for Analysis

  • CDF Interactivity

  • Upload & Analyze Images

  • Download as CDF or PDF

  • Pro Premium Expert Support

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“What I like most about Wolfram|Alpha is that it is very useful in creating math problems when helping mentor students, and it helped me in school and in my professional field to work with quantities of different units.”


Structural Analysis Engineer, California

“Wolfram|Alpha is an amazing resource I highly recommend to all my students. I use it to review the step-by-step solutions to calculus limit and derivative problems. For my son and daughter in elementary school, I especially like using Wolfram Problem Generator to help them practice their math skills.”


High School and University Tutor, Canada

“Wolfram|Alpha is part of our mathematical culture now, and we should use it to improve the perception of calculus. Today it’s possible to transform the learning of calculus because of digital technologies, and Wolfram|Alpha plays a key role.”


Professor and Researcher in Mathematics Education, Mexico

“I use Wolfram|Alpha on my laptop and on my smartphone. I like the simple, intuitive layout of the output, and the speed at which it can retrieve information relating to narrow branches of my field.”


Physics Student, United Kingdom

“I’ve been a Pro subscriber for four years, and I find Wolfram|Alpha is the best math platform on Earth. I use it to check solutions and to help students visualize mathematics. For a few bucks a year I get access to a tool I can’t live without.”


Math and Computer Science Teacher, Switzerland

“I find Wolfram|Alpha so useful when working with students, especially with tricky calculus questions. If I type in a function, it tells me everything I want to know, and things I didn’t know I wanted to know. It’s so quick and convenient—all I need is an internet connection.”


Math and Physics Tutor, United Kingdom

“Wolfram|Alpha has helped clarify and enlarge a world of useful data. I am especially happy with Wolfram Problem Generator (which I sometimes use to hone my son’s own math skills) and step-by-step solutions.”


Classical Scholar and Career Firefighter, Wyoming

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